Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Kate Guilfoyle 

BA [Hons] Visual Communication Design

Kate is passionate about creative visual identities, graphic image-making and anything to do with typography. Her love for research and problem-solving helps her ground her work and inform her design concepts. In 2021 Kate was shortlisted for the RSA Awards for her project The Sunday Forage.

Scéalaí Festival

Stories are the essence of a culture. They represent the collective memory of people and encapsulate values at the heart of cultural identity and social life. Without preserving the tradition of storytelling, a whole culture is in danger of being discarded, unrecorded and lost forever.

Scéalaí is a travelling pop-up festival touring Ireland in an attempt to record and preserve the art of storytelling. Each story told at the festival is recorded and uploaded to a digital archive where they are preserved and archived forever. The festival aims to enable people to actively engage with their communities by reminiscing and contributing to its past, present and future.

By creating an engaging interactive experience both at the festival and through the audio archive, Scéalaí aims to promote the value of conservation work whilst also providing a social history for family, friends, and the wider community. It celebrates what we Irish do best, and will continue to do best for years to come.

Typeface (in)appropriateness: Stereotypography and the Misrepresentation of Identity through Type Design

My dissertation set out to explore and highlight the issue of using inappropriate and stereotypical typefaces, and analyse the effects in which uninformed type design can have on the representation of culture and national identity. Through analysing the history of stereotypical fonts, my thesis aimed to demonstrate that with communication comes responsibility, and as designers we should aim to achieve more meaningful communication design rather than an aesthetically stereotypical one.