Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Alanna Drury 

BA [Hons] Visual Communication Design

Hi there, I'm Alanna! I am a multidisciplinary designer, visual thinker + soon to be graduate of IADT based in Dublin. I design through problem-solving with a focus on UX, identity design and typographic design. I enjoy working with passionate people and helping them to build a brand using concept-driven identity design. I have been involved in the branding of a few businesses within hospitality over the past year and was also involved in a winning speculative design project focused on community + sustainability in the year 2050, selected by Dublin City Council.

Carousel – The Archive of Magic Objects

We all have objects scattered throughout our homes and attached to each and every object, there is a story, memory or tale. These stories need telling and that is why these objects are magical; they trigger memory and emotion just by stumbling across them. Carousel is a facility for the storage and revival of magical objects and their stories that helps to prevent the loss of rich stories and memories. Carousel helps foster intergenerational connection across families with the goal to get people telling stories and sharing memories behind the weird and wonderful objects in their homes.

The Visualisation of Success and Identity in Ireland through Medals and Associated Symbolism

The definition of a hero varies between cultures as does the way in which they are recognised for their efforts. Apart from the direct influence of their good deeds, the function they all share is their ability to embody and represent the best characteristics of a country or culture. In a national context, we decide our heroes based on the qualities displayed that we wish to inherit or project as part of our national identity. Heroes act as a marker of success and honour for a nation and as such should be appropriately recognised for this. One of the most common ways in which heroes are acknowledged is through the form of the medal. However, as this dissertation discusses, the medal functions as more than just an award or a designed object. Medals act as visual representations of success as well as a form of material culture that seeks to communicate our national identity and heritage.