Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Bruno Cassandro 

BA [Hons] Art

An Italian artist living in Dublin, I studied Architecture and worked as a technical designer. The need to express my imagination and my pursuit of Beauty brought me to Visual Art. I work with a variety of media, painting, sculpture, wood and stone carving, photography. After an initial period of figurative painting, my creative research moved towards conceptual sculpture and art installations. Ancient and modern cities, their urban development, Architecture, and interior design are sources of inspiration. In recent years, my works have been exhibited in Imago (Whitehall 2017), New Translations (IMMA, 2019), Afterthought (United Art Club, 2020), Propositions (IADT, 2022)

Project Description

The cities where I lived, their past, present and future history are my reference base for all my creative artistic research. For many years I have been exploring the concept of the city as a set of lines and geometric figures, a consequence of my architectural studies. The map of a city seen from above or the skeletons of buildings under construction can be a source of great inspiration. Intersecting streets become lines of pure abstraction. This conceptual exploration helped me expand my research towards a metaphysical and surreal dimension. The sketches, the drawings, the three-dimensional models of recent years have led me to a series of sculptures, some of them of considerable size. I wanted to experiment with different materials in order to develop new creative ways of sculpting. My latest projects start from deconstruction of buildings and space and the reevaluation of form.

Three Italian Gardens

In my thesis, I analyzed the relationship between artist and nature and its evolution across the centuries by discussing three specific gardens and the artistic connection that ties them together. First is a Mannerist sculpture garden from the mid-sixteen century, the 'Park of Monsters of Bomarzo' or 'Sacred Grove', 120 km north of Rome. Second is a contemporary sculpture garden by Niki de Saint Phalle, opened in 1998 in southern Tuscany, the 'Tarot Garden'. Third is another contemporary garden, 'Daniel Spoerri Garden' in central Tuscany.