Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Katherine JV Michael 

BA [Hons] Costume Design

Without the Costume Designer all actors would be naked! Indeed.... "Apparel oft proclaims the man" Shakespear's Hamlet. I enjoy the process of designing a costume in collaboration with other talented artists for stage or film and love to watch the actor gradually transform in front of my eyes into the character for the world they inhabit. I respond to scripts intuitively and emotionally and prefer to use natural fabrics where possible, to translate this into form. I love to bring beauty and fun into all I do and be. I look forward to creating and contributing my skills and craft learnt from my time at IADT. The adventure begin!

Project Description: The Taming of the Shrew

I designed and created the set and costumes for the lead character Katherina in this Shakespearian play. I set it in Italy, 1933, around Lake Como and for a Film Adaptation.
My inspiration came from historical reference books, films and designers that were prominent during that period. My desire was to have a visual impact a "wow" entrance for that final scene in the film for Katherina. From a Shrew to an Eagel she soars uneffected by the projections, judgments and expectations that were placed upon her and gives a brilliant speech one that is quite controversial but I found so interesting and amusing. She is from a wealthy family so I made her costume with duchess silk, jersey silk and silk velvet with a touch of diamonds!

Thesis Title Victorian Gloves as gender rituals

This thesis is situated in the Victorian period and focuses on women and their gloves and the rituals that were created around the wearing of such accessories.
I created a visual presentation on this subject for final submission which enabled me to showcase a range of rich visual source material.