Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Robert Tobin 

BA [Hons] Visual Communication Design

Hi, I'm Robert, a multidisciplinary designer focusing primarily on UX/UI, interactive design and branding. I seek to create dynamic, interactive experiences centred around the user. It is fascinating to me how technology shapes society and how it can positively impact people's lives. As a designer, I am passionate about the potential of emerging technologies like augmented reality and how they can expand the reach of design.

Green Spaces: your Ideal gardening companion

During the pandemic, many people turned to gardening to reduce stress and other factors related to isolation. As a result, there has been a tremendous increase in people taking up gardening as a hobby. Along with this increase has come many people who have never gardened before. That’s where the Green Spaces app comes in bringing together existing technology with state-of-the-art suggestions to create a gardening app with a difference. This app not only guides the user through their first gardening experiences, but it also grows as they go, becoming the ultimate gardening companion.

The Changing Role of the Designer: How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Design

This thesis analyses how artificial intelligence, algorithms, and machine learning are affecting the design industry and how this is changing the role of the designer. It explores how these new technologies are transforming the industry and how they are predicted to change what makes up the role of a designer. The main topic explored is the advancements made in automation in recent years and to discover their limitations. Exploring not just the technical aspects of these disruptive technologies but also the fundamental principles that underpin their use.