Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Shannon Kirwan 

BA [Hons] Photography

I discovered my passion for photography in 2014 and have loved it ever since. I like being creative and I am intrigued to be challenged with subject areas I really know nothing about. I really like landscape and wildlife photography because I enjoy the scenery and I enjoy the facial expressions and the way the animals look at people. I like abstract imagery as well, because it enhances specific elements, but it also challenges me to get creative.

Through our eyes

For me, my project shows that not all dairy farming in Ireland is based around cruelty and bad management of the cows. My images shows the cows and calves happy and full of curiosity. The first images show the calves playing with each other and also shows they're well looked after. My four images of the cows can be viewed as offering many other opinions depending on the cultural background of the people looking at them. Two of my images show the cows eye up close and I think the eyes tell you a lot of what the cows are feeling in that moment.

Cindy Sherman Creates a Self Portrait Through Postmodern art Cindy Sherman creates a Conversation for Feminism through Self Portraitures

This thesis looks at the works of Cindy Sherman a postmodern
artist who used female characters and representations through popular cultures to express her
art. I have chosen her work because it interests me but also because of the discussion it has
created in relation to feminism. Spanning over 40 years of work Cindy Sherman has been
adopted by feminist theorists to highlight their views. Her work is untitled allowing feminists
to apply their own theories to it and run with their own narrative. When you google feminist
artist, Cindy Shermans name will undoubtedly appear and more so than more avid feminist
artists such as Diana Arbus or Barbara Kruger whose works give descriptions, so there can be
no arguments about what they are expressing