Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Jessica Dunne 

BA [Hons] Art

Jessica Dunne is an Irish artist from Westmeath, mostly working with sculpture and installation. In her current work she is inspired by everyday sensory experiences that can bring a sense of calm and wonder. Her work has been exhibited in IADT student shows such as Perceived Dimensions at IMMA in 2018 and Propositions at IADT campus 2022. As part of her Erasmus studies in the Hungarian University of Fine Arts she also took part in the online group show Escape from the Bunker in 2020.

Solas/Solace series

The Solas/Solace series is inspired by everyday light effects that can bring a moment of peace, such as light filtering through the leaves, and glistening light on the water. In my art I am interested in creating a sensory experience in which the viewer can have a moment away from the world of constant streams of information. I explore this concept by creating works that are affected by the light in some way. I am intrigued by the reflective qualities of different materials, and the atmosphere that the light reflections give to the space that they are in. The interaction between the light that is around the artwork and the work itself, and how this incorporates the light as part of the work, is also a part of these works.