Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Mark Fitzgerald 

BA [Hons] Art

Mark Fitzgerald is an Irish artist and filmmaker. His main studio practices are narrative filmmaking and animation. Typically, his works explore themes and ideas that engage with the current changes in society. He is in his element when working with animation, particularly storyboarding. In 2021, he submitted a pitch to Animation Dingle’s The Big Pitcher, where he served as one of the finalists. He has exhibited in IADT student shows such as New Dimensions (IMMA, 2019) and Propositions (IADT Campus, 2022).

The Storm

This work centres on a violent storm wreaking havoc across the land. Strong winds destroying properties, lightning striking down causing forest fires, and a tornado picking up water from the sea. But as the storm settles down, the land slowly regrows and becomes more resilient to future weather events, showing that events like storms are a part of life itself.

Anime’s growing influence on American animation

My thesis explores the relationship between Japanese and American animation, and how nowadays, American animated works are taking inspiration from Japan after they were inspired by America through most of the 20th century.