Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Mitzi Ladia 

BA [Hons] Visual Communication Design

Hi, I’m Mitzi! I am a Filipino multidisciplinary designer with a primary interest in branding and image-making. I’m driven in creating human-centered design. I ground my work in strong research as I believe it is an integral part in the decision-making process. When it comes to creating, I like to keep things simple and playful. Rather than sticking to one particular visual style, I prefer to adapt to each brief and try my best to find the best possible design solution for the client and target audience. I’m passionate about problem solving, meaningful concept development and storytelling.


A lot of families aren’t in the habit of talking about mental health. Consequently, many young people report being afraid or too uncomfortable to tell their parents about it as they do not want to upset them. The HEART2HEART campaign aims to bridge the gap between the older and younger generation, by giving the latter the help needed to start a positive discussion about their mental wellbeing with their parents. A toolkit with printed support materials is provided to help young people navigate their mental health and encourage them to start their journey of speaking up, creating a familial support system.

Globalising Beauty: Impacts of the Cosmetics Industry on Filipino Female Ideals

The Philippines has been greatly shaped and moulded by the nation’s colonial past, however even after centuries, there has been little to no progress in erasing the public’s obsession over Eurocentric standards of beauty. This thesis explores the development of the Filipino female perceptions of beauty, arguing that due to its neo-colonial characteristics, globalisation is recognized as a key element as to why the state of colonial mentality has remained stagnant in the nation's psyche. More specifically, this thesis aims to focus on the cosmetic industry’s presence in the physical and digital realm, addressing the interconnectedness of both international and local beauty trends and their impact on the Filipino female ideals. Although globalisation seems to be mostly detrimental, this investigation also suggests that a new progressive culture is to be anticipated, one that is positive and decolonising the beauty standards.