Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Alexander Stewart 

MSc User Experience Design

I have always had a strong relationship with the world of design and how we fit in it. I am always looking for creative design that has a profound effect on an individuals life. I truly believe that through the use of design thinking, we have so many possibilities to improve life for everyone. My work strives to embody design that can really impact the increasingly digital world we find ourselves immersed in. My work encompasses professional, personal, and academic practices, with an aim of creating designs that have a holistic understanding of the problem, and the solution.

Evaluating a visual mobile banking app for users with subjective low numeracy

Financial well-being is one of the many aspects of life affected by low numeracy. The required cognitive ability to successfully and confidently conduct everyday economic activities, while using an online banking platform has been, to date, reflective of users who have a medium to high ability in numeracy. Digital banking interactions are developed on the back of numerically symbolic based interactions. However, one of the critical impairments often associated with low numeracy, a magnitude processing deficit, is directly impaired by associating symbolic numbers with their equivalent magnitude. Using a User-Centered Design process, a visual financial management system was created and tested. The study results indicated that the interactive visual system was the preferred design compared to the symbolic system for the lower numeracy group. Furthermore, it also improved financial awareness and consideration.