Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Muirín Goulding 

BA [Hons] Visual Communication Design

Hey, I’m Muirín! I’m a Dublin based designer (in the making) interested in emotive, bold, and concept-led design. Throughout my years in Vis Comm, I have had the opportunity to explore many areas of design, which has shaped my passions in image-making and language. I have a great love for storytelling, and believe some of the best designs incorporate multiple layering of narrative and meaning. I aim to always have originality and a point of view in my projects to create interesting and thought-provoking ideas.

Project Description

The word "witch" can mean many things to people, but to most it is used to vilify a person or their actions. Although, witches were not always seen this way! Witchcraft is practiced by many today as a religion and form of spiritualism, but it is still regarded as hocus pocus or satanic despite efforts made by the community.  

The Witch Way is a subscription service dedicated to celebrating the year of the witch. Choose from a range of five different witch kits filled with guides, tools, and herbs that are sent out every 5 weeks in time for each witch festival. As there are over 20 different types of witches, The Witch Way has narrowed the kits into five as to not overwhelm the subscriber. Based on the themed kit and subscription plan the subscriber chooses, they will receive a kit every five weeks in time for the next festival celebrated on the witch calendar!

Thesis Description – The Witch in Every Woman Feminism and the ever-changing archetype of the witch in the US throughout the 20th-21st Century

My thesis examines the evolution of the ever-changing archetype of the witch, reclaimed and redefined by women throughout the 20th and 21st century in the US! It gives a historical and cultural background into the origins of witches, witchcraft and consequently the archetypes that followed. Further investigation is taken to understand why the archetype of the witch did not change for over five centuries, and why the 20th and 21st century saw a shift in the image of the witch.

My thesis discusses each wave of feminism starting from the 1900s to present day, and how this coincides with the archetype of the witch changing. Not only did I enjoy researching and exploring this topic, it inspired my Major Project! I wanted to explore the topic through design, and to give witches and women a positive platform.