Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Rowan Black 

BA [Hons] Visual Communication Design

My name is Rowan. As a budding designer, strong graphic elements are very much an integral part of my work, whether it’s printed image, digital design or motion graphics. I’m a humorous person and an illustrator at heart. I try to maintain an empathy for the end user, and find new ways 
to communicate the right tone and message in my process. Aside from that, custom typography is also a discipline I’ve more recently taken an interest in. I readily enjoy both collaborative and independent projects, and learning new ways of working and making things is a significant interest of mine, so I’d like to consider myself quite adaptable when 
it comes to choice of medium.

Project Overview

Higher Health is an awareness campaign that highlights how mainstream wellness and fitness brands use inclusivity and motivational language to perpetuate a cult-mentality in consumers.

Higher Health will inform people on what brands are most important to watch out for, and thus allow them to make informed judgements for themselves on whether these brands and others that share similarities with them are trustworthy.

Invictus: Gender Politics and Representation in Contemporary Fragrance Advertising

This dissertation examines the sustained prevalence of using traditional gender-binary roles in order to advertise men’s fragrances, and what precisely encapsulates the ‘ideal’ man.