Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Maisie Grace Hourihane 

BA [Hons] Design for Stage + Screen Production Design

I am a Dublin-based and willing to travel production designer. Through this degree programme and professional opportunities, I have applied my creative skills to concept origination, concept art, storyboarding, art direction and graphic design for a tv programme art department. My technical skills are 3D AutoCAD modelling, AutoCAD construction drawings, laser cutting, set model making and architectural model making. My practical skills and experience includes set dressing, scene painting, prop sourcing, prop making and set build. I hope you enjoy looking at my work and get in touch.

'Mr. Burns, A Post-Electric Play' and 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'

‘Mr. Burns, A Post-Electric Play’ takes place following a series of nuclear disasters in the USA. In a society made up of survivors, stories from “Before” are rirualised, distorting and taking on new forms as decades pass. ‘Mr. Burns’ culminates in an all-singing, all dancing, operatic version of ‘The Simpsons’ being performed in a disused theatre space. I designed this script for film as I was interested in the relationship between the “Before” and “After”, how a society nostalgic for their old lives may look back with a cartoonish naivety.
‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ by William Shakespeare presents countless avenues for exploration. The most exciting avenue for me is the gender dynamics. Athens represents a misogynistic, oppressive society. The forest is a liminal space where the characters may pursue their dreams in earnest. I designed this piece for stage as it presented the opportunity to create a more immersive experience.

Steeped in Safety: An analysis of the significance of bath scenes in narratives reflecting early memory, rites of passage and death.

‘Steeped in Safety’ studies depictions of the domestic bathtub as occupied space in Western visual culture. In this work I examined five depictions of bathing at home within paintings and films. Through the accompanying use of various philosophies regarding domestic space, memory, rites of passage and corporeality, I drew conclusions as to how the occupied bath services the narratives of the bath scenes I’ve selected. This work dissects the construction of the bath as a safe space and how image makers use and sometimes subvert that idea of safety. I completed my thesis in presentation format, talking through images of the occupied bath under the headings of birth, rites of passage, and death.