Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Sarah Hanly 

BA [Hons] Art

Sarah Hanly is a visual artist based in Wexford who works with the mediums of painting and drawing. Her art practice involves making visually explorative images in response to the mundane, domestic subjects encountered in her surroundings. Through painting, she aims to seek out, and draw attention to, the subtle elements of a scene that might normally go unnoticed. Sarah has exhibited her work in several IADT student shows including Making The Intangible Tangible at The United Arts Club (2019) and Perceived Dimensions at IMMA (2018).

Project Description

Sarah Hanly presents a series of four paintings which act as experiments of colour and light. Through painting a motif in alternating approaches, she creates multiple variations of an image which highlight the impact of colour and light on the perception of imagery. The repetitiveness of her process is in keeping with the circumstances of everyday life in lockdown. Her process requires analyzing the way light falls on a surface, like a unique signature altering the appearance of everything it touches. She isolates the structural forms that already exist within her immediate environment, using these forms to hold her compositions together and reducing unnecessary visual information. She also draws out and amplifies colours to determine the temperature and atmospheric mood of an image. Through experimenting with these elements, it is possible for her to create compelling and engaging representations of that which might otherwise be ignored.