Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Sophie Luck 

BA [Hons] Art

Sophie Luck makes interactive life-size sculptures/installations. Her practice is informed by human observation. Having grown up with three cultural identities; French, Irish and German, she is continuously comparing the three. Luck explores how nationality impacts people’s mannerisms, focusing on behaviour that translates to all three nationalities. Her work aims to create a space where this behaviour is emphasised or exaggerated; an immersive experience presenting a new perspective. She has exhibited in IADT group shows such as Perceived Dimensions (IMMA, 2018) and High Heart (Pallas Projects/Studios, 2021).

Project Description

This Interactive Installation explores the term “Meatmarket” and how it applies to today’s modern online dating platforms (e.g. Tinder). Online apps force users to make an instinctual decision when choosing a partner; swipe left (dislike), right (like). This same intuitive decision-making is also made when choosing what products to buy at the supermarket. People are often visually objectified through terms such as “she’s a snack” or “he’s a piece of meat”. My installation exaggerates this approach to finding a partner and bluntly advertises potential matches as Produce. We choose a partner based on the packaging without considering the “Nutritional facts” (personality traits). By making a physical version of a virtual platform, my work allows its users to act on their visual instinct and ensures that with the help of a compatibility calculator you find someone with the personality to match their looks!