Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Emerald Gibson 

BA [Hons] Visual Communication Design

Hello. I’m Emerald, a (99% rendered) designer from the Emerald Isle. I use strong concepts, art direction, motion and image-making to convey my ideas. I’m a social creature, working best in a team. My passion for socially conscious design allowed me to win two awards at the ‘RSA Student Design Awards 2020’ with my motion piece ‘Redress Fashion’. My interest in circular fashion shines through in my body of work - inspiring my thesis ‘Hanging the Fast Fashion Industry out to dry’ and my major project ‘FITTING’.

Project Description

‘FITTING’ is a consumer friendly system for clothing sizing. It differs to the archaic and inconsistent numerical system used by the clothing industry. FITTING shows the consumer how to accurately measure and record their six key body measurements. Once their personal measurements have been recorded, the FITTING system will allow them to shop with confidence on the FITTING app with FITTING approved brands. Approved brands will be trained and accredited, making sure that sizing requirements are met.

‘Hanging the Fast Fashion industry out to dry.’ An expose of the fast fashion industry.

My thesis looks at how historically the capitalist systems of the first world has continued to exploit the resources of the developing world to provide a disposable materialistic system of one-wear-garment. It explores the misuse of globalisation to satisfy the materialism of modern society. Detailing the effects on the planet and the humanitarian costs, this thesis exposes the fast fashion brands with massive holding companies, as an unscrupulous industry with high profit margins. Historically, it looks at the use of cheap labour and exploitation of regions with poor humanitarian legislation. It also questions the consumers’ part in the fast fashion crisis, posing the question ‘ill-informed or unsympathetic?’