Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Darryl Sullivan 

BSc [Hons] Creative Computing

Final year Creative Computing Student. 5+ years experience working in Paddy Power retail while completing my degree. Working in team based environments in both college and during my job in retail. Strong communication skills developed while training new members to retail teams as well as working on team based projects in college. Strong skills developed in Data Visualization and experience using MERN stack technologies and the Laravel framework. Currently seeking graduate opportunities in software development.

Data Visualization Dashboard for Business

The project developed to accompany my thesis was designed to prove the concept that the presence of both internal and external data will assist businesses in making data driven business decisions.

Using a Bookstore model as the basis, enabled me to create a dashboard centered around how this software would aid the bookstore in making data driven business decisions.

The external data was scraped from two external sources in Amazon and Goodreads. The internal book data was then compared against the bestsellers of Amazon and the highly anticipated releases according to Goodreads.

How the presence of both internal and external data within one dashboard can create more data driven business decisions

The thesis documented the evolution of data visualization and how it is now used across the world in aiding businesses/organisations in making data driven business decisions.

A research chapter was compiled to gain an understanding of what features potential users found to be useful when sorting through datasets. Based on the information received from this research a list of features was developed in order to create a simpler way for users to view and sort data. The implementation of these features are documented in the thesis highlighting how each feature will benefit the user and examples of the outcomes.