Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Izabela Wojewoda 

BA [Hons] Art

Izabela Wojewoda is an artist based in Dublin, Ireland, originally from Poland. She works with mediums of illustration, painting, printmaking and more recently with photography, tattooing and film. She is a tattoo apprentice in the Black Hat Tattoo Studio, Dublin. Wojewoda’s work is inspired by the circle of life. Through her practice she explores processes of natural decay, highlighting the beauty that can be found in organic matter and in death. Her previous group exhibitions include the IADT group shows High Heart (Pallas Projects, 2021), Making the Intangible Tangible (United Arts Club, 2019) and Perceived Dimensions (IMMA, 2018).

Project Description

I have decided to study the life cycle for myself, first-hand, and explore my fascination with processes of natural decay. This project involved raising frogs from frogspawn, with little previous experience. The frog’s life cycle is the process of birthing, living, and dying. It consists of three stages: egg, larva, and adult. The process that they go through is called metamorphosis. It is terribly complex and fragile. Many eggs do not hatch, and many tadpoles will not survive to become frogs. A small number of them manage to complete the metamorphosis and step onto dry land to repeat the life cycle. To capture their life in the best quality and detail, I have decided to focus on photography. In this series, I use photography to magnify the scale of a smaller world by emphasizing details that might be unnoticed by the eye.