Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Emily Dover 

BA [Hons] New Media Studies

I am a soon-to-be New Media Studies graduate from Wicklow Town. Since I was younger, I always knew I wanted to study something media related once I got to college, but could never narrow down exactly what aspect I wanted to focus on. New Media Studies proved to be the perfect course for me as there was a little bit of everything involved. During my four years at IADT, I gained an especially great interest in podcasting & radio, social media and journalism.

Project Description

Since I could understand the concept of it, my parents have been very open with me and my brother about the fact that we are adopted, and as I grew, so did my curiosity surrounding the topic. I decided that my Final Year Project would be a great opportunity to explore adoption in Ireland more and create a personal yet informative and interesting product. My mini podcast series looks into the history of adoption, the Mother and Baby Home scandal, personal stories from adoptees, how the scandal has left its mark on Irish society and finally, my own adoption from the perspective of my mother. I focused on the female narrative of the topic to continuously relate back to the Mother and Baby Homes and the treatment of women. I did this by having female interviewees, getting my mother to tell her story, using my own voice as the main narrator and even having the female social worker involved in my own adoption to help me with the research and layout.