Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Conor Forkin 

BA [Hons] Film + Television Production

Conor Forkin, born 1997. A 2021 Bachelors graduate in Film and Television Production from the National Film School of IADT Ireland. Majoring skills in film editing and minoring in directing. Through experimenting with all elements of the craft in film making he found a passion in editing. Getting a buzz when the pieces of footage slowly come together and look like a film after experimenting different avenues for hours in crafting and manipulating a scene, story and actors performance to come together harmoniously.

Dont Force Gravity

Film Editor of Don't Force Gravity

Film was edited on industry standard
AVID and colour graded on Resolve

This project took weeks to finalise after exploring many different avenues of how the film could be told, before deciding on the final cut.

Hitchcock's use of Free Floating Anxiety

A study of how Hitchcock uses Freudian phenomena of free-floating anxiety to aid in generating suspense which enhances the illusion of reality in his films

'...So to clarify, free floating anxiety is anxiety that attaches itself to any and all possible sources of danger and in the act of attaching itself to a danger it makes that danger something specific to fear. Free floating anxiety can be created by repression of failing to understand or predict something. It can be created by repressing guilt and by repressing socially and morally unacceptable wishes as they constitute social and moral failures. '