Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Shane Kelly 

BSc [Hons] Creative Computing

I am an enthusiastic and hard-working individual who has a keen interest in working with both native and hybrid mobile frameworks. I also enjoy working with backend technologies for developing full-stack solutions for both personal and client projects alike. I am both friendly and productive when working on development teams to accomplish a common task. I enjoy working with different code bases which is a great motivator for me, and always aim to challenge myself on the tough tasks ahead.

Bankify - Open Banking Made Easy.

Bankify is an Open Banking solution which enables users to connect their pre-existing bank accounts to the application in order to gather rich financial data and aid in improving money expenditure. Bankify uses an ‘under one umbrella’ architectural scheme for managing a multitude of accounts under one platform, providing the user with various techniques to view and manage their finances.

An Insight Into Open Banking & Security.

A literature review was conducted on Open Banking, its' risks and opportunities and the security associated with it. The paper dives into the formulation and introduction of Open Banking, PSD2 open-standards and the public and political view of the technology as a whole. The paper also looks at how the inner working of the technology are adopted from the perspectives of both physical banking institutions and fintech companies which have taken the first leap into innovating and building upon the foundations.