Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Jianxing Mao 

MA 3D Animation

Jianxing was born in China. He is working as a CG generalist and a 2D animator. When he was studying at Beijing Film Academy, his 2D group work "The Old House Story" won the academy award for the best directing. After he achieved his bachelor's degree, he started his journey at Sheridan College for 3D animation. His 3D work "Guard your belongings" is selected as Sheridan college library source. In addition, this short animation film is also shortlisted for the 2021 Berlin international short film festival.

Project Description

As for this project, the author will explore the potential of using Stop-motion animation techniques to 3D animation by using Maya software and study the methods that stop motion animators would normally utilize.

Project Objectives

The goal for this research is to explore if we can combine stop-motion animation techniques into Maya animation to inspire creativity and vitality in the 3D animation industry. This research will be significant for the artists who want to take different solutions with their 3D animation works.

Project Outcomes

The present study proposed several aspects comparisons between stop motion animation and 3D animation. Analyzing these similarities and differences would help us to understand the uniqueness of stop motion animation techniques. The experiment results show that it is possible to transfer CG animation to look like stop motion animation style. The aim of this research is not to use CG animation to replace stop motion animation, its goal is to see how stop motion animation techniques can enrich 3D animation and how to bring new ideas to Cg animation world.