Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Benjamin Shanahan 

MSc User Experience Design

Hey! My name is Ben. I'm 25 and have just completed my MSc in User Experience Design! I loved the course and have a keen interest in user psychology, user trust and attractive design. I will be starting my UX career with Deloitte starting this summer. Outside of work, I enjoy drawing, hiking, reading and hanging out with friends.

Project Description

This project undertook assessing the impact of 7 Trust Focused Design Principles on a user's trust, satisfaction, perceived usability and intent to use while using a COVID 19 contact tracing app. These Principles were created using existing literature, competitor analyses and primary research and were implemented into a digital prototype. This prototype was tested against a prototype absent of the Principles.

Project Objectives

The objectives of this project was to significantly increase a user's trust, satisfaction, perceived usability and intent to use in a contact tracing app. The chosen method while attempting to achieve this was through design principles. Development of these principles was a sub objective of this project.

Project Outcomes

The products of this project include the developed Trust Focused Design Principles, a digital prototype with the principles implemented and a prototype absent of the principles. The results of the testing of the implemented prototypes were extremely positive with trust, perceived usability and intent to use being significantly higher in the prototype with the implemented principles compared to the prototype without. Although there was an increase in satisfaction, the results were not statistically significant.

The Impact of Trust, Usability and Satisfaction on the Intent to Use Digital Epidemiology

This Research Paper includes 1. The literature review, practice review and exploratory research conducted to understand the areas of contact tracing, trust, usability, satisfaction and intent to use. 2. The development of the 7 Trust Focused Design Principles. 3. The design process of the two prototypes used to test the principles and 4. The testing of the effectiveness of the implemented principles.