Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Seán Tait 

BA [Hons] Visual Communication Design

Hello my name is Sean Tait. I enjoy making strong identities with lots of personality that try to get to the root of the design problem being faced. I like to take on a diverse range of concepts that showcase the playful side of my design sensibilities, as well as projects dealing with more serious subject matter. This is reflected in the wide range of visual languages I produce, from graphic illustration, to more abstract and textured imagemaking. Further to centering the user’s needs, I believe it’s important to draw from your own personal interests, even from outside the field of design, when approaching a topic to give the project its own distinctive character.

Project Description

Harvestr is a company which encourages users to donate their bodies to be used in manufacturing sustainable leather, bone ash products, and biodiesel. With traditional burials and cremations being incredibly resource intensive and damaging to the environment, this donation will let the user die with a clear conscience, knowing they have offset their carbon footprint.

This project is designed to take a satirical look at how we as individuals place an inordinate amount of guilt and responsibility upon ourselves for climate change. With this project, I imagine the most extreme case of guilt one could feel for their contributions to climate change, ultimately putting their body on the line to offset their “carbon footprint.” By highlighting the ridiculousness of this way of thinking, I wish to stir discussion and make people rethink their outlooks on climate change.