Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Matt Hill 

BSc [Hons] Creative Computing

I completed my QQI level 6 course in Blackrock Further Education Institute where I studied Creative Digital Media while meeting some fantastic class mates and lecturers. This course equipped me with a great foundation and confidence to continue my studies in Creative Computing in IADT where I grew as an individual personally and professionally. The course allowed me to gain knowledge on how to build real world solutions; in particular web development. The course also helped me to achieve my first job as a Frontend Developer Intern. I couldn't have been happier with the choice I made to study at IADT and couldn't recommend the course and college enough.

Project Description

Pizza ROI (Republic of Ireland) is an online eCommerce web application that is designed to connect customer to retailer in the most convenient fashion. Currently the pandemic has caused food retailers to close their in-door dining sections and revert to take away only. This has led to the growth of the use of online food purchasing as customers can make an order before arriving to the premises.

Project Objectives

The objective of this project was to construct a system that enables a restaurant to accept web orders and helps the business owner with the business operations through an analytics dashboard. The steps involved in developing the system were gathering requirements, designing, implementing, and testing the application. Also, there was research conducted on the area of business analytics, in particular - dashboards. In conclusion the project resulted in a functional application ready to be deployed.

Project Outcomes

The goals of the project were achieved as the application was successfully developed. Managing a long-term project without a partner proved difficult and a lot was learned along the way. This project was great in that all the skills gained throughout the college course were pooled together in the ultimate success of the project, for example all the skills obtained from Web Application Frameworks, Advanced JavaScript and even Data Visualization were used to implement the application. Learnings from Interaction Design and Business Strategies helped run tests, interviews, analyse business opportunities, questionnaires and most importantly how to manage similar projects going forward throughout a career. The project was not only to create an application but to structure a project and have a sense of professionalism. Also, the project tasked me with the objective to research the area in which the project is associated with which was challenging.

An Investigation of Business Empowerment through Analytics

A literature review was written to research and identify how organisations utilize data in an online and competitive environment. It specifically looked at how data is used to improve a business and identified ethical issues associated with data collection in a competitive environment.