Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Iseult O’Maonaigh 

BA [Hons] Visual Communication Design

I am interested in creating strong concepts and compelling systems through branding and motion design. I use my extroverted curiosity, coupled with UX research methods, to ask the right questions and to ensure the best answer to the design problem. I pride myself on my cultural heritage and use it as a foundation to create open-minded and inclusive designs. I value group environments where I can strengthen my design thinking and learn from new people and new ideas. Recently I interned at Boycott books in Amsterdam and gained experience working with editors and illustrators. My passions aren’t limited to my screen and try to find inspirations across the creative spectrum.

Project Description

Breakups are hard and hardly uncommon.
For some of us, this experience may be the most profound when we lose our first love. It can be difficult finding yourself in this transition from being one of two to being one.

Good as Gold is a service in which you find yourself whole again through the mended pieces. It uses the Japanese philosophy of Kintsugi, which changes the perspective of things that seem broken and cracked and honours it as more valuable than it was before. This service guides you through a journey of
self-reflection, through which one can learn about oneself and experience profound personal growth and self-appreciation.

It includes a kit that includes a pot to smash, rebuild and fill, with each piece a new aspect of yourself to learn. Break it, feel it, mend it.

Your ad here: Investigation into the impact of Generation Z on online video advertising.

With an abundance of advertising messages on the Internet, users are bombarded with visual messages every day. The rise of online video advertising has become increasingly popular alongside the growth of online platforms such
as Youtube. The younger generations become used to being surrounded by these devices,
and with them, the increase of online media.
This multimodal discourse blends together image, text, audio and colour to communicate one message.

The dissertation argues that the online advertisements of smartphone brands in
recent years are more targeted towards Generation Z (18- 25-year-olds) and analyse the discourse behind them, It analyses the video commercials presented by Apple Inc. and Samsung, specifically at The study investigates the persuasive techniques of these advertisements and the limitations that come with them.