Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Aoife Louise 

BA [Hons] Photography

Aoife Louise is an Irish artist who primarily uses self-portraiture as a form of self-expression, either depicting herself as a variety of her alter ego’s or as an anonymous presence. She works within the mediums of photography and video. Aoife’s greatest aspiration as an artist is to connect with her viewer on an emotional level, guiding the viewer to feel, and for just a moment be able to escape into another world. Aoife has two self-published photo books; Sourpuss (2019) and Knock Knock (2020). Group exhibitions include Archive, Copper House, Dublin, 2019. Her work has been used by The Tara Building Dublin, on their social platforms, websites, and newsletters.

Project Description

Aoife's work comes from a place of introspection and through deep exploration of her sense of self. It is through this analysis and deconstruction where she believes one discovers their true self. Blinded by the Labyrinth is a moving image piece in which Aoife uses the labyrinth to conceptualise feelings of rootlessness and disorientation. The erratic nature of the work evokes visceral sensations in the viewer, echoing the ‘inner dialogue’ of being lost in ones own mind; which is visualised through a uniquely macabre sense of aesthetics and evocative imagery. The black, white and red landscape of the work creates an almost ‘suffocating’ experience. The quick jump cuts and spaces of black between each clip echo that of blinking, which in turn draws the viewer into the experience of the piece. Blinded by the Labyrinth draws upon the daily angst of life, combined with the visuals and feelings of nightmares and dreams.