Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Vivienne Mulvey 

BSc [Hons] Creative Computing

I am an enthusiastic hard-working individual with the ability and experience needed to work on my own initiative. This year I had the opportunity in my research project to learn Flutter, OCR, and Firebase. I also managed my research project in a very professional manner.

Expendy - An Expense Management Application

Expendy explores the use of OCR technology and uses this technology to automate the expense management process for businesses. The aim of the application was to create an easy-to-use platform that assists in receipt management.

The front-end of the application explores the use of Flutter and Dart and the various packages available for Flutter development, while the back-end makes use of Firebase authentication and Firestore storage.

Project Objectives

The project explores each aspect of the software development lifecycle in depth , starting with a requirements chapter continuing through research , design , implementation and ending with testing.

The primary goal of the application is to assist in expense management within a small to medium business that potentially would not have the funding to avail of larger expense management companies such as Rydoo or Expensify. I wanted to create a simple and straightforward way for employees to manage and track their expenses.