Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

John Carlo M. Ramos 

BSc [Hons] Creative Computing

I am a freelance UI/UX designer that uses his skills to make products as accessible and user-friendly as much as possible. I am also experienced in generative and web development with technologies such as HTML, CSS and JS. I am fascinated by the design industry whether it be UI and UX, product, interior, architecture, automotive and fashion. I am also dedicated to making progress, seeing results and doing the absolute best that I can for the clients and for the team.

Project Description

Auxillia Diagnostics is a diagnostic tool for medical staff and medical students. It serves as a reference tool for students, doctors/nurses, general practitioners and/or emergency workers. It allows them to look up symptoms, determine possible causes and recommend appropriate diagnosis.

Project Objectives

Medical staff and students find that researching information about symptoms may take longer than expected. Within the medical and educational industry, this may be an issue due to the fast-paced nature of their field. The aim was to design and develop a reliable system that provides medical personnel the fastest way to get the information that they require. The steps involved in the development of this project were researching the requirements, designing the system, implementing features and testing the application via functional and user testing.

Project Outcomes

In terms of research, based on the literature review of interaction design, it is evident that the focus of interaction design is to cater to the needs of users by thoughtfully regarding the approaches, the five dimensions, the HCI and the four phases of user-centred design. By doing so, the designer can produce a product that will be user-friendly and provide a positive user experience. In terms of design, to fit the criteria of the medical and education space, the project was designed with features of organizability, accessibility, functionality and efficiency in mind. Auxillia Diagnostics is built to be responsive for both mobile and desktop devices. It contains the most important feature of the project, which is the quick search functionality. Along with the dashboard, the first feature that the user will see is the dynamic and predictive text search bar. The user may enter certain key characters of the symptom they may be searching for. Once they do so, the search bar will filter through the API and activate the predictive text function. This will then prompt the symptoms that match the characters within a dropdown and allow the user to tap/click on the specific symptom, which will then place them on the symptom information page.

Auxillia Diagnostics - Medical Diagnostic and Reference Tool - Thesis

The thesis contains chapters of the steps taken and research done to design and develop this project. It outlines the requirements to develop the system, the research findings for interaction and user-centred design, the iteration of the design, the structure of the project, the implementation of functionalities and features, functional testing and user testing.