Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Patryk Kurkowski 

BA [Hons] Art

Patryk Kurkowski is a Dublin-based artist, whose work explores the relationship between sound and image. Working primarily with digital technology, Patryk generates sounds that are then manipulated to create visuals. He is interested in creating audio-visual narratives, but his work is deliberately open-ended. When working with sound, Patryk uses FL Studio and hardware synthesizers, further processing the audio in Max 8, before editing in Sony Vegas. He has exhibited in IADT student shows such as Perceived Dimensions (IMMA, 2018), Making the Tangible Intangible (United Arts Club, 2019), and High Heart (Pallas Projects/Studios, 2021).

Project Description

Patryk’s project, which was developed over two years, is a series of interconnected audio-visual pieces, which together constitute an open-ended story. He uses a wide range of digital audio technologies, including hardware synthesizers, for sound design and production. He then uses software, such as Max 8 (MSP and Jitter) and Sony Vegas, to create and edit generative visuals, which are made directly from his audio. His project is characterised by a focus on movement, texture, rhythm, colour, and feel. Ideally, this work would be presented as an audio-visual installation, featuring multiple large-scale projections in a dark space. The projections flood the space with rhythmic images and atmospheric audio, creating an immersive experience with moody sounds and dancing lights that carry the viewer through the twists and turns of a wide range of emotions.

The Impact of New Technologies and the Internet on Music and sound.

The topics researched in this thesis are the historical timeline and evolution of the most significant advancement in audio recording and music production technology, the origins and history of one of the most important forms of electronic music and how specific equipment helped defined so many electronic music genres, and how technology and social media are impacting the music industry and highlighting how the three worlds of music, technology and social media collide and the strategy, manipulation and combination of how music is being released online on streaming platforms that changed how fans consume it, helping to make an example of how much of an impact technology and social media has had an impact on music.