Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Dylan Chan 

BSc [Hons] Creative Computing

My specialization is in game development. My experiences include C# and the Unity 2D/3D game engine, I have a small amount of experience with C ++ and the Unreal engine. I've worked with Photoshop and Blender to created 2D and 3D assets. I am Knowledgeable in front end and back web development.

Tir na hailleachta

The aim of this project was to investigate level design for 3D games. By research what the best concepts, attributes and principles for good level design are. Then a game prototype, demonstrating some of these concepts, attributes and principles was created to highlight their importance in level design.

The technologies used to create this research project was, the Unity 3D game engine with it's high definition render pipeline, Playmaker an paid third party software that uses functional state machines, C# an object oriented programming language, Visual studios for the integrated development platform(IDE) and finally Adobe mixamo which allowed the download of free characters and animations.

Level Design For 3D Games

My thesis outlines all my findings of my chosen topic. My thesis was split into five main chapters.

The first chapter highlighted all my findings for good level design attributes and principles. These examples were taken from games that were well known and successful.

The second chapter, highlighted good examples of existing applications along with their advantages and disadvantages.

The third chapter explained, the level design of my project, e.g. the storyboard, environment and lighting, as well as the chosen technologies and their structures.

The fourth chapter, highlighted in detail the making of the project.

In final chapter, volunteers where asked to test and give feedback if the research project application was successful or not in its goals.