Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Shane D. O’Broin 

BA [Hons] 3D Design Modelmaking + Digital Art

I have always found a great interest and love for worldbuilding, and the various processes used to show a viewer a deep, distinct, and culturally rich world. I enjoy using my current skills as well as developing them and others throughout my life, I want to continue to learn more and try to get to as high a standard as possible in my work. I personally believe sculpting to be my best skill, and while there is always much to learn, I believe at least that I am approaching what is considered the industry standard

Goblin Peddler

I have a great love of fantasy and worldbuilding, and with that as a focus I wanted to create a character that would show evidence of a world that existed behind them. I settled on making a fantasy goblin peddler, as the costume, props and his very self would show a deeper and different world if someone were to look closer.
A Goblin peddler who once in his younger years fled a city in fear, spent his time collecting strange oddities and objects. Now many years later, he still travels, gathering and trading what he can to live another day. Many days and nights spent traveling dangerous roads, but he does take some joy and interest in finding strange objects.
Through my sculpting, what I believe is my strength, I focused on giving the character as much fine detail as possible, using my time to create as impressive a project as possible, hopefully getting to at least the start of what is the industry standard

Dungeons & Dragons and Terry Pratchett: Worldbuilding and Storytelling

My thesis had little to do with my project other than it being roughly based around fantasy.
Within Tabletop Role-Playing Games such as Dungeons & Dragons, there is a constant need for Worldbuilding effectively. Unfortunately, there is little understood about its creation without years of experience. Using Terry Pratchett's Discworld as an example, discussions can be formed to establish narration with consistency, immersion, responsibility, and what can be taken as examples and teachings regarding the comparisons and contrasts in Worldbuilding between these two aspects of narrative/storytelling. Evaluating what is to be taken from a world created by an established literary author such as Terry Pratchett, and what roles a storyteller has in broader terms regardless of the methodology. Analysis of the combined research demonstrated that many comparisons, contrasts, and lessons could be taken from using Pratchett's Discworld as an example of Worldbuilding and storytelling. The results indicate of certain factors in regard to storytelling and Worldbuilding between a literary source and D&D. It can be recommended in using an established creation such as the Discworld as an example/guide in creating a “secondary world” within Dungeons & Dragons. Understanding the responsibilities and roles a storyteller has regarding consistency, immersion, and crafting an exciting and engaging narrative.