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xi zhang 

MA 3D Animation

Xi Zhang is a character artist who has been focusing on 3D character sculpting, modelling, texturing. He has been working on "Tom Clancy's shadow break" for Ubisoft, "NHL21" for Electronic Arts, and some other unannounced game projects in the past 5 years. He lives in Vancouver with his family and is now a master's student at IADT.

Project Description of "GWWH"

The aim of this project is to create a high-quality photo-realistic 3D avatar based on photographs. This project is designed to tackle an issue I recognized when working on a realistic sports game at Electronic Arts, which is “how to create realistic 3D characters based limited source materials, such as only a photo”.
When I worked at Electronic Arts Vancouver, there was an advanced light stage for 3D scanning and 3D model generation. Real-life athletes were brought to the light stage to do 3D scans and 3D characters were created based on the scanning data. But when it came to creating 3D characters for the athletes who already passed away, this method did not really work. Because the photos they left were taken with different cameras and different lighting environments from the past, the character creation process needed to be done manually, which led to this idea of creating a workflow for such cases.