Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Suran Tierney 

BA [Hons] Visual Communication Design

Hi, I’m Suran. I am a multidisciplinary junior designer with a passion for branding, print, typography and user experience design. I believe that human experience is a very significant part of the design process, applying a user centered design approach informs and enriches design decisions, creating highly usable and relatable projects. I love playing team sport especially hockey, working together to achieve goals, participating in social interactions, and helping others. I enjoy drawing and painting. I'm constantly widening my skillset as I become more curious and inspired by others work around me.

Project Description

Stay & Play is a community based organisation working alongside Sports Ireland and Student Sports Ireland to help keep girls in sport alongside getting girls involved in sports.

It is for 18-21 year old girls who are considering giving up sport when transitioning from secondary school to university and for girls who have never played sport before or who have given it up in the past.

It will promote an initiative programme that involves taking part in different types of sporting activities that will take place at the start of the college semester (duration of 8 weeks) for first year college students. What makes this unique is that this programme will be also for students who attend art colleges or smaller IT colleges that do not have sporting facilities. The programme will involve students to sign up through the app, while the website will promote the app and the campaign. Stay & Play focuses completely on the social aspect of sport rather than the serious side.

"If she can't see it, she can't be it", The Representation of Women in GAA advertisements, 2010-2021

This thesis will investigate the portrayal of women in sport within the promotion of women’s Gaelic games in Ireland through different forms of advertisements (2010-2021). The advertisements researched will mainly include television adverts. It will be using the ethos of the main Gaelic Athletic Association organisation (GAA) to analyse the advertisements to see if they have been supporting the women as equal to their male counterparts. In theory the Ladies Gaelic football Association and Camogie Association would follow the same ethos as the GAA as it falls under the one main organisation, the GAA. It will examine the different support and recognition the women receive compared to their male opposition, by observing the difference between the hurling and camogie advertisements. It will not necessarily be a gender debate, but rather an exploration into how the GAA treat their female counterparts in comparison to the mens that is already praised.