Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Sarah-Jane Kehoe 

BA [Hons] Photography

Sarah-Jane Kehoe is a visual artist with a focus on photography based in the southeast of Ireland. As her style of work has developed throughout the years, her process is now centred toward the theme of expressionism. While the literal content of her work varies over a wide spectrum, the connecting theme throughout it all is a personal expression of her own inner workings, and the expression of the environment surrounding her. It is with a focus on colour concept and emotive composition that she composes photographs that communicate her visual narrative.


‘Petrichor’ is a project centred around the expression of emotion, with the use of natural landscapes and bodies of water to simulate the state of experience. Focusing on the use of colour concept and emotive composition to create and communicate a visual narrative, this project in particular is a representation of the overpowering nature of intense emotion. The element of water is used in this project to represent the range of emotion being experienced and it’s consuming effect.

Thesis Title

'Photography and Death'

The relationship between photography and death, and it's catalytic effect on our understanding of our mortality and of the self.