Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Laura Boggans 

BA [Hons] 3D Design Modelmaking + Digital Art

I have completed a 4-year degree in 3D Design, Modelmaking & Digital Art in IADT. Throughout my final year projects I specialized in set design & architectural Modelling. Over the past four years, I have acquired a broad range of skills such as Drawing, Illustration, Stage & Screen, Set Design, Digital Art, AutoCAD, Modelmaking, Model Fabrication, Technical Drawing & Sculpting. I have taken part in many amazing projects such as being exhibited in ‘The Tide is Turning: Waste Prevention exhibition’ in DLR Lexicon Library (May 2019) and previously chosen to exhibit a paperwork sculpture displayed on the main stage of the Dublin Book Festival 2017.

Architectural Model Inspired by Edward Hopper

I created an Architectural model set replicating a painting by Edward Hopper, 'Sunlight in a Cafeteria' from 1958. My model conveys a set for stage and screen which portrays Edward Hopper’s use of light and shadow as the base for my design. The set depicts a café scene which overlooks a street lined with large American styled Georgian buildings. The main focal points of the painting include the large window overlooking the street, the café tables and the revolving door which I have included in my model. 

Internal and External Architectural Features of the GPO Since the Aftermath of the 1916 Easter Rising

This thesis seeks to portray a critical, architectural analysis of the space throughout both the exterior facades and interior refurbishments of the GPO and how space is constructed over the years. It aims to explore how historical features embody a space and how these historical memories are created into symbolic spaces of commemoration. This thesis delves deeper into the idea of the GPO
representing a monument of both nationalism and repression, allowing both Irish and English citizens to feel multiple emotions towards this building, this period of time and this historical rebellion.