Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Rebecca Warren 

BA [Hons] Art

Rebecca Warren is an artist currently based in Dublin. Her work is predominantly sculptural. Warrens work explores the desire to control natural forms. In 2019 Rebecca was awarded a place to study at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts as part of the Erasmus programme, this lead to two group exhibitions: In both Vienna (Knee Deep in Elbows, Nov 2019) and Budapest (The Shop Window, Dec, 2019). Warren has also exhibited in IADT group shows; Perceived Dimensions in IMMA in 2018 and In the Making: High Heart, an online exhibition with Pallas Project Studios in 2021.

Project Description

Warren’s sculptures and installations explore the limitations of control and force on natural forms, in particular the human body. Warren often uses the ‘pear shape’ motif, particularly in interactive sculptures, as a response to the idealization of certain female forms. The original material is distorted and controlled into a desired new shape; this intrusive process plays a vital role in exploring the concept of force and pressure. Warren has recreated the natural curves and forms of the human body using wood. The wood is formed using similar techniques to corsetry. The process of creating Bound, involved tightening and binding the wood using wire until it has changed entirely from its natural form. The wood appears to be controlled by force and pressure as it accepts the new encouraged shape. The shadows cast by these forms aim to highlight the resemblance of the female body’s silhouette.