Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Craig Gray 

BA [Hons] Creative Music Production

I am a 47-year-old sound designer, producer, and sound engineer with a passion for jazz. I like to produce soulful house, disco and downtempo music.

My research project was concerned with the application and efficacity of various sound healing modalities and the effect of sound on the chakra system

The current study aimed to answer the following primary and subsidiary research questions:

Can sound healing be used effectively to positively improve a human’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health?

Are frequency-specific sounds enough to effectively balance chakras?

The current study gathered anecdotal evidence from several sources to address the questions outlined above. This research includes; interviews with practitioners and a web-based survey conducted with well-being enthusiasts concerned with their combined perspectives and personal experiences of sound healing and the chakra system. Also, the current study conducted an interview with David Gibson regarding the future direction of sound healing. Lastly, a participant shared a broad overview of the chakra system in a journal written in response to an intensive three-day chakra course they attended. The current study used two individual analysis tools to perform a careful and thorough analysis of the evidence generated by the above methods.

Sound Healing: The therapeutic application of sound frequencies


The aim of this study was two-fold:

First, to report on whether the utility of sound can positively affect a human's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being?

Second, to determine if frequency-specific sounds used in isolation are enough to balance chakras effectively?


The investigation concluded interesting results; First, out of a sample size of 70 respondents; 64 alluded to a positive sound healing experience on all aspects of a human being, addressed in the primary research question; 3 stated the experience was negative, and three were non-applicable. Thus, the data supports the hypothesis that the utility of sound can positively affect a human beings’ physical, mental, and emotional health and spiritual well-being. However, as no clinical trials have been done to support this finding, the result is not absolute. Second, although the findings strongly support the notion that sound alone does not theoretically impact the chakras in a manner that will balance them. The study found that due to the vast complexity of the chakra system, it is difficult to arrive at any conclusions from anecdotal evidence alone. The study concludes that the potential of sound healing as a medical modality warrants further attention beyond the scope of this investigation.