Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Lisa McDonald 

BA [Hons] Animation

My name is Lisa McDonald and I'm a 23 year old, Animation Graduate. After five years of studying both Animation and Fine Art, I have narrowed my focus to experimental stop-motion animation. I like to see my work as "Art in Motion" rather than a film-based narrative. I live for the idea of projection, that the art can be just as exploratory and personal to the viewer as well as the creator. On to art, we discover ourselves, and what better a canvas than that which moves as you do. I look forward to learn and grow from experiences to come.

Project Description

This project intends to visually describe detachment by exploring the realm of being where you are conscious but absent, bringing the viewer through levels of thought shown through four key environments: The Day, The Night, The Mire and The Nothing.

These are loose themes but it it much more of a visual piece than a narrative. “Adapting the Unseen” in trying to visualise a feeling and state of mind. The Day, The Night, The Mire and the Nothing. All stages of falling deeper within yourself - detaching from regular life, each environment feeding the next.

Thesis: Clarification of the Sublime By means of Expression

What is it to create? What is it to exist? What is this innate, human need to describe the unknown desire that is, the forbidden life?
Throughout this Thesis, there is reference made to “the Source” and “the Sublime”. These words are being used to describe the act of creation and the experience of inspiration, and how this culminates in the result of a clarified expression that can be perceived in both a personal and universal regard.
It's intent is to explore the artist’s connection to the Sublime ideal and how in the expression of it, they come to clarify and define that which they did not not understand. It goes on to query the modern disconnect to inspiration currently being felt by Artists and the like. While also delving into the idea of the "Non-Artist" finding artistic clarification by means of projection.
It was made in the hopes of furthering the conversation of the mighty it, “it” being another descriptor for the Source and Sublime inspiration, and show how this relates to the making and interpretation of art.