Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Momo Willet 

BA [Hons] 3D Design Modelmaking + Digital Art

My name is Maura, but everyone calls me Momo. I was born in the Netherlands. I am of dual nationality, Irish/Dutch. My grandfather and father were accomplished wood sculptors, so my love for 3D Design feels intrinsic to who I am. Growing up between Ireland and Asturias, a remote part of northern Spain, endowed me with a vibrant imagination and a taste for the natural environment. This passion paired with my strong work ethic and willingness to take a risk gave way to various opportunities to nurture and expand my skill set. This led me to IADT, to continue learning and creating various bodies of work.

The Stolen Child Project

Inspired by the poem The Stolen Child by William B. Yeats and interpreted to create a sculptural scene. I envision this piece displayed as a museum presentation; To celebrate the work of William B. Yeats in the National Library of Ireland. I have made a hyper-realistic silicone sculpt of my sister Emer as the child character. This project is very close to my heart. The purpose of this piece is to engage the contemporary youth of Ireland with Irish poetry. The Stolen Child by William B. Yeats resonates with its young readers, the sculptural aspect adds visual understanding and interest to the poem. I envisioned to moss blanket as a gift from the faeries to the model. The reason I chose textile and embroidery was to add this dream-like quality.