Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Evan Clarke 

BA [Hons] New Media Studies

Hi, my name is Evan. I'm a recent graduate from the New Media Studies course in IADT. I've enjoyed all aspects of the course, but I'm most interested in production and video-editing.

Is online sex work exploitative or empowering? An analysis of female sex work on OnlyFans.

For my Final Year Project I looked at the industry of online sex work and explored whether it is empowering or exploitative. I focused on OnlyFans, and more specifically the women who post content to the site as my key example to explore this debate.

This project was presented as a screencast, compiled from a collection of photos and videos found online; Instagram screenshots, popular media, news snippets, content from YouTube and more. These findings helped to visually guide the project, and to enhance the viewer's experience. I hope you enjoy it!