Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Leon Nevill Gallagher 

BA [Hons] Photography

Hey! I’m Leon. My interest is in people, their interactions and how societies gravitational pull informs a wider sociological response. The act of ‘documentary’ is at the core of my work and the practice consists of three parts. It is born from lived experience, formal intervention and experimental print techniques as a means to interrogate the increasing liminality of our presence. To date my work has been exhibited in The Copper house gallery, IE (2019), The Library Project group publication, IE (2020) and Noorderlicht photo festival, NL (2020 & 2021).


Cloud based communication is no longer an acknowledged action, it is a passive and seamless interaction that has established a new instrument to experience. The virtual realm has unearthed a remote collective memory, emerging from a ‘latent’ or secondary form of experience. Daily thought drift between layers of temporal experience and being witness to the spectacle of ‘latent’ virtual experience. Perception has become the navigation of a spatiotemporal conflict.

‘Cargo’ acknowledges the compression of time in the virtual strati by utilising the scroll as a form to engage with the spread of time and visualise this erosion by means of layered imagery. It’s black and white photographs express themselves as reference to an outside world. Yet, they are inherently fragments of psychological data that present no apparent coherence beyond a reflection on real time and space as it unfolds in conjunction with the present form of the cloud.