Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Kevin De Búrca 

BA [Hons] 3D Design Modelmaking + Digital Art

I have always had a passion for the magic of films, games and other visual media and I want to be a part of creating them. Over the past 4 years in IADT I have learned multidisciplinary skills along with a high technical literacy fostered through an intimate relationship with technology. I have always loved making and have focused on 3D-Printing and digital modelling recently, learning a host of different software from Fusion360 to AutoCAD to Photoshop with a high degree of proficiency with Zbrush, 3DsMax and SubstancePainter. I am also well trained as a physical model-maker, while my digital skills translate to physical work through my experience with 3D-printing.

Final Project : The Game of Invasions

A board game and world created based on Ireland's mythological past, our history of colonialism and the changing tapestry of a modern Ireland and what it means to be Irish.
Taking inspiration from "Lebor Gabála Érenn" players fight within the mythical "Otherworld" to decide the future of their world.

This project is an entirely digital product, intended to be sold directly to hobbyists/consumers using a digital distribution model. This area is growing rapidly thanks to emerging home 3D-printing technology.
Created using a range of software, Zbrush, 3DsMax, Fusion360 were the focuses alongside slicing software for production.
Alongside the physical game I also created a guide to the world created within the game in a PDF downloadable below.

Throughout the project I designed, sculpted/modeled and printed 6 unique characters, 6 buildings and 2 hero units. I also practiced hard edge modelling creating modular tile designs gaining a high competency in 3D printing and many digital programs.

Thesis : How can games become more than entertainment? Video games, Failure, Flow and the future of learning and play.

Through a diverse series of research into varying academic disciplines, I study how games can be used to become happier, more productive and more empathetic people. I hope to expand on the work of Dr. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Dr. Johan Huizinga and modern game theorists such as Jesper Juul, Koster Ralph and Katherine Ibister. There will also be a focus on the work of game designer Brenda Romero and her ‘The Mechanic is the Message’ series.
Throughout this thesis I will identify how we can achieve growth through games and attempt to identify which games fulfill this and what techniques are utilized. This will focus on the concepts of flow and its relationship to immersion and learning, failure and its core role within interactive media and games’ ability to create an intimate connection with the player. I will also explore the future of virtual spaces as learning environments.