Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Emily Rhona Whitty Kelly 

BA [Hons] Creative Music Production

Hi! My name is Emily, from Creative Music Production. I'm a vocal synthesis enthusiast, making and listening to music with software such as Vocaloid and SynthesizerV for over a decade. Combining this and my love of video games I was able to learn and make so much over the last four years, expanding my horizons so much! My project focuses on virtual concert environments in video games and on sites like Youtube, using them as a guide to create a model for a successful, fun concert.

Guide For a Successful Virtual Concert

The key topics discussed for potential virtual concert hosts and performers.

Accessibility (Visuals and Audio, Monetarily)
Creating easily accessed content that is usable to those who may need aid such as screen readers, light warnings, etc. Monetarily reasonable for both any admission and hardware stress.

Available Platforms
What platforms are available for live shows and video games, as well as descriptions of their uses, pros, and cons; when each should be used and for what.

Viewer engagement and Live Feel
Creating a community Social media platforms and resources for how to make them as efficient and connected as possible.

Viewer moderation; reprimanding bad behaviours and allowing viewers to have personal moderation control over what they see. Protecting against accidental reprimands such as preparing for planned livechat spam, etc.

Optional monetisation is key overall. Many methods for making a living that are used in contemporary examples are explained. Greatly linked to all categories.

What Elements Ensure a Successful Virtual Concert?

Previous discussions of online communities and surrounding concert culture and spaces were analysed for an overview of necessary elemets to include. Examples from videogames, livestreaming and augmented reality livestreaming shows were chosen to provide additional information on how to conduct the events as both host and musician. These lessons contributed greatly to a wider understanding of what is successful. A survey was taken with the players of a community within the Massively-Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, "Phantasy Star Online 2", in which they provided unique and insightful preferences. Much footage was recorded of the available concerts. Live virtual busking was observed in the game of the same genre, "Final Fantasy 14 Online"