Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Maureen Fitzpatrick 

BA [Hons] Art

Maureen Fitzpatrick originally studied Geology in NUI Galway and followed this with a teaching qualification in DCU St Patricks, Drumcondra. She taught in Dublin for a number of years before moving to New Zealand, where she continued her research into geology. Returning to Dublin in the 1990s she continued teaching. Her interest in geology informs part of the way she understands the world, in terms of her approach to painting and photography. She has participated in IADT student shows at Pallas Projects/Studios, the United Arts Club and IMMA.

Geological Time

Landscape is a key interest for me. I explore local geology, specifically coastal rock formations. I am drawn to clifflike formations that are almost architectural in profile. Some of the large rock boulders are smooth, angular, round and jaded. Many have strips of mica schist. It is through the prism of intense observation that my images emerge. I endeavour to capture the light, colour, and configuration of these unique structures. My daily swim also informs my practice. When I am in the water looking up at the clouds, the sun sometimes disappears. As a painter, one cannot capture that illusory moment. Likewise, looking at the landscape from the sea gives a different view of the landscape. The immersive experience of being in the water opens up a totally altered visual perspective. This has enriched and nourished my practice. My aspiration is to incorporate this intense experience into my work.