Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Abigail Hynes Murphy 

BA [Hons] Art

Abigail Hynes Murphy is an artist from Dublin, utilising photography, moving image, sound and installation. Her work deals with modesty and personal growth. She explores modesty through photographic portraits that focus on natural hesitancies and responses to various interactions, such as an instinctive flinch after a bright flash of light. Her themes are inspired by her experience of social interactions in everyday life, and reflections on her own changing sense of self. She exhibited in the IADT show In the Making: Butter (Pallas Projects, 2023)

Project description

This project focuses partly on modesty and the boundaries that exist between the private and public self. It is also about setting boundaries, specifically in relationships, and the importance of keeping some time for yourself and being comfortable alone. This project also hints at fears of commitment and giving time to other people. I use photography, interactive installation and video to create staged portraits. The portraits depict a model in various poses, which suggest that she does not want to invite the viewer in, and is more content in her own space. The only time the model poses comfortably is when the viewer is far from the curtain and the model is in her own space or when she is holding a light and controlling where it goes. Otherwise she instinctively hides herself with her hands, out of modesty rather than shame. She is not ashamed to let people in, she is just at peace by herself.