Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Saoirse McGarry 

BA [Hons] Art

Saoirse McGarry is a Dublin-based artist working with narrative. Her practise encompasses writing, character work, photography, performance, collaboration with musicians and storytelling. Working with analogue photography she draws on themes of identity, love, womanhood and selfhood. She uses characters to explore the complexities of the individual lived experience by pushing and pulling on her own personality, exaggerating certain aspects of herself and making art in different identities. McGarry has exhibited in Pallas for IADT In the Making – Bread (2023), Uks Teist exhibition in Tallinn, Estonia (2022), Healing in Tallinn (2022) and EKA BF021 Photography Exhibition.


Molasses follows the mind of Delphine as she navigates feelings of longing and obsession in the streets of her new home, Paris. Delphine wrestles with feelings of grief after the death of her mother, and tries to become someone else; someone worthy of love. She finds relief from her dark thoughts in the eyes of a stranger - a chance encounter that proves she is real, and can be perceived. She becomes obsessed with said stranger and in a new delusion mistakes him for a saviour, an angel.
Gabriel is played by Rossa Healy. Score by Slightly Dishevelled.