Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Rebecca Osser 

BA [Hons] Animation

Rebecca is an animation artist with a passion for bringing concepts and ideas to life through art. She a a free spirit and often lean into the slightly abstract. However, she equally enjoys creating atmospheric settings and telling stories through the environments the characters inhabit.

Ett minne blott

This project is based on a script my sister wrote called Ett minne blott, which in english translates into merely a memory. The film is about an old man who was never able to move on from his wife’s passing. The tragedy tore a rift between him and his daughter, who now as an adult is trying to reach out to him. The film follows two timelines, the past leading up to the wife’s death and the present of the man reconnecting with his daughter. This is my passion project and I am the main creative behind it. I am the director of this project and also served as the main animator, character designer, layout artist, did the lighting and composed the film myself.