Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

AmberAmelia Kelly 

BA [Hons] Animation

AmberAmelia is an animator, film maker and visual artist from Kildare. She adore all forms of animation and view it as one of best mediums to tell stories. She is particularly fond of 2D animation and find herself continuously pulled to pencil on paper. The sketchier and more fluid the better. She loves how expressive and organic it is despite being in what’s considered the most pared back state. AmberAmelia is extremely passionate about animation as both a storytelling device and an art form.

Irish Goodbye

My project is based on the song of the same title by Irish artist Sammy Copley. The song's message is something many Irish people have felt: the desire to leave their home juxtaposed with a want to stay if things could be different. The song spoke to me, personally, as a young person in Ireland facing challenges, particularly with the housing crisis, and longing to emigrate yet missing parts of Ireland that are comforting. For me, this project was about making mistakes and finding beauty in imperfections. Letting go as an artist has been difficult and through this, I feel I have found a lot of inspiration and peace with the 'not-so-pretty' progress of creation. I used it as a challenge to discover a style, learn production methods and do something I'd not done before.

Telling Adult Stories Through the Mouths of Children: An Analysis of South Park as an Adult Animated Show

My original idea for my thesis was to bring to light how animation can be used to present adult themes arguably better than aspects of live-action filmmaking. Through this concept I wanted to prove that animation was more than a 'children's genre' but a vital storytelling device with countless possibilities. From my research and personal tastes, I decided to focus on unpacking the long-running show South Park as a representation of animation being used to cover adult themes yet still with a childlike element. The chapters in my thesis explore how the show is made, the use of children, the style of humour and satire, and the representation of religion. South Park is a show truly overlooked for its political and social commentary purely because it is 'crudely' animated and I believe my thesis covers the tip of the iceberg as to why it, alongside other adult animated shows, should be taken more seriously.