Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Eva Kenna 

BA [Hons] Photography

Dublin based writer and photographer, Eva Kenna has been pursuing the craft of storytelling since she was young. Dedicated to the union of written word and image, her work features poetry that encapsulates varying themes such as love, loss, and grief which are supported by impactful photographs taken all over the world. Hoping to pursue a career in both photography and writing, Eva plans to continue her work after college in varying locations in order to tell as many stories as possible.

Letters from the Heart

Eva Kenna's work in photography centres around the union of image and poetry. She enjoys telling stories and has found an artistic identity through writing pieces for the images she captures.

‘Letters from the Heart’ is a trilogy of books, revolving around the themes of love, growth, and human connection. Featuring images captured all over Europe, and partnered with personal letters or texts sent by loved ones- the materials are married together through the use of original poetry to communicate a story.

Kenna believes that the texts and letters we write to each other are some of the purest and most honest pieces of ourselves that we have- we all just want to be heard by those we regard as closest to us and it is this desire which Kenna hopes to communicate, as what we all hope is that nothing is left unsaid.